Friday, February 26, 2016

Caffè Venerdì - Friday, February 26, 2016

It's the last Friday of the month...can you believe it? Where does the time go?

Well, interesting if one should ask, because that was one of the biggest stories to get hits on Amador Community News' Facebook this week! The Sac Bee posted about a bill being introduced to end Daylight Savings Time in California. Heck, I'm so used to to the "Spring Forward, Fall Back" thing, by now it's almost like a nondescript holiday. Can we get time off? Let's all take the day off! I mean, since most gerbil-wheel Americans pretty much have no idea what a "holiday" is, let's make Daylight Savings one! And National Coffee Day...or National "Dadgum, that's a good day"...or National "I Want You to Be Happy" Day.

Big news for a lot of folks everywhere...several posts about Daffodil Hill opening on March 2. There were posts in the Sac Bee, on KCRA, on several regional media sites. If you haven't gone up to see the beautiful spread of thousands of daffodils, then get up there some time after March 2, and then cross it off of your bucket list!

The Pine Tree reported a rabies story which (most likely) spurred the Amador Public Health to respond via a release reminding the public about the dangers of rabies. More info can be found in our Health & Wellness department at:

Dandelion Days is coming up next month. This is a huge event, and a lot of readers are hoping that it won't be rained out (again). I think the weather is holding up pretty nice these days, but you never know with "El Nino". In fact...I think El Nino doesn't even know if El Nino will throw a tantrum this Winter. Sac Bee article: Is this El Nino a dud?

You can't make this stuff up...
Our video of the week got a lot of views. Now, if you're bored, have a zany personality, and have a decent phone video camera, well...why not take a chance and make a video that might go viral?
Heck, this guy, Luciano Rosso did...and I got a GREAT dose of laughter this week!
Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Plan your weekends...with ACN!
When I hear people saying, "I'm bored...there's nothing to do in Amador County..." oh, how I beg to differ! There's SO much to do and see, and a lot of these events are FREE, or are pretty easy on the pocketbook.

All ya hafta do is go to Serious. That's it! Plain and simple. Our Main Page lists everything, and ONE click gets to where you need to go to find out more.

Our Supporting Advertisers' event flyers are listed in the left hand side bar. If our readers submitted their announcements (which are (ahem!) FREE), then I list them in our Community Calendar.
The only condition for free posts is that you need to do the work!

Use the following format:

TITLE OF EVENT - DAY, DATE, TIME, LOCATION. Give us all a BRIEF description of your event/meeting. CONTACT info (name, email, phone, web site, social networks, etc.)

If you have an event flyer/poster, it's just $5 to have it posted, published and promoted on ACN. The post runs through the day of the event. Please send as a JPEG, and I need to have a URL (link to a web site or something). If you don't have a web site, I'll post it in the most relevant ACN department, and link it up to that.

However...probably the best deal in town is becoming a Supporting Advertiser, which is just $50/year (yes, year)...less than $5/month...which gives you unlimited postings, announcements, newsletters, shares and likes of your Facebook posts. I've been told by many of our Supporting Advertisers that my sharing of their Facebook posts has increased the likes, shares and awareness of their events. Which brings me to my next subject...

If we build it, they will come...
Businesses and organizations: IF YOU HAVE A WEB SITE OR SOCIAL NETWORK, YOU NEED TO UPDATE THEM! least weekly! If all you have is a monthly newsletter, at least post that on your web site. Communicate with your webmasters. Ping your social networking gurus. If you don't have a web site, let me know, and I'll upload your newsletters on our Amador Media site.

Case in point: I recently received AmadorArts' "Artsline" newsletter, I asked if they would post their on their web site, and here's the response I got.

"No, we have simplified our web site, and are not adding many downloads anymore. We share the newsletter through Facebook and email."

So I went to the AmadorArts Facebook, hoping to share. 

...and nope, no newsletter.

No matter what platform you want to promote your business or organization, you're going to actually have to do the work to get it up and out there. So set aside a day to do it, or hire someone to do it. Make Monday your "Media Day"!

Days go by pretty fast. It's already almost March...go in like a lion!

Plan your week/weekends with
Amador Community News!

If it's happenin' in "The County",
It's probably here:

Friday, February 19, 2016

Caffè Venerdì - Friday, February 19, 2016

It's been a busy week for me...I took on a temp job at Sacramento Power, so I've had to get up early and get your daily updates goin' before the crack of dawn with a couple of espresso-grade fuel in hand. Thanks for bearing with me; do keep your announcements comin', and please use the following format:

TITLE OF EVENT - DAY, DATE, TIME. A BRIEF description of your event, meeting, etc. CONTACT information (name, phone, e-mail, web site, social networks, etc.)

E-mail these directly to me at, or PM me on Facebook at

Remember to update your web sites and social networks often...preferably weekly. Set aside one day as your "Media/Promo" day. Monday is a good day for the week; Thursday is a good day for the weekends. And don't forget to send your monthly newsletters as soon as they are published to your web sites and/or distributed through your e-mail groups. Usually the last week of the month for the upcoming issue is best.
Mother Lode Harvest has weekly newsletters that come out on Tuesdays. You can sign up for their newsletters on their web site at:
This week's highest hits on ACN included several news stories about Trinity, the abused pitbull that was found in the Butte Fire clean-up. She is on the mend, and you can help with her healing and progress at her GoFundMe page at: was a story on ABC 10 about the popularity of salt rooms rising in popularity for those who suffer from asthma and allergies (maybe some local spas and wellness centers could include something like that)...KCRA had a story about the danger of charging your cell phone in bed (um, don't do that!)...and it looks like there are still plans for the Buena Vista Casino, although there is no indication of an opening date. Anyone know more details on that? I did find this story in the Sacramento Press, dated December 7, 2012:
And we had a beautiful photo shared, taken by Martha Perez (Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Jackson), of the gorgeous greened-up foothills, thanks to the recent rains! Thanks for sharing that, Martha...and for having your Taco Thursdays (all tacos are $1.50. Of course, I'm partial to your chile rellenos...and your chimichangas are pretty dang good, too. However, most of the time I'm filling up on your delicious chips and salsa, by the time my entree comes out, I'm like, "Buuh...."
Good thing I didn't include Mexican food in my line-up for Lent...

...and speaking of Lent, there are Lenten Soup Suppers going on at Faith Lutheran in Pioneer and Trinity Episcopal in Sutter Creek. Enjoy some homemade soups (comfort food!) and fellowship! Want a great project to participate in for Lent? Trinity is putting together their Care Packages for the Homeless/Needy again, so if you'd like to donate items, you can come to the morning services at 8:30 or 10:30 to donate, and stay for the coffee hour. A list of items can be found in their February Newsletter. Boxes are in Jane's Hall. can donate to the cause, too! Contact Trinity at 267-0255 for more information.
You may have noticed more campaign advertising on Pat Crew will be having his campaign kick off next Tuesday, and Louis Boitano will be having a Meet & Greet for upcountry folks next Saturday. No word lately from Gwen Clayton, Frank Axe or Amber Rose Hoiska...then again, petitions are due on Thursday, and the filing period runs through March 11, so there's still time. Should be an interesting election year in Amador County!
I'll be 'Facelook'-ing up in the County tomorrow, with a table at the Disaster Preparedness Fair at the Lockwood Firestation 152, and will stop by to browse through the AnimalScapes exhibit on my way back down the mountain. Hope to see you there!

Have a fantastic weekend, Amador County, and remember...

If it's happenin' in "The County", it's probably here:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Caffè Venerdì - Friday, February 12, 2016

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee."
- Abraham Lincoln

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Happy Birthday, Abe!

Ironically, after sharing NPR's post on the fall of Keurig sales, mine actually kaput. So I busted out the ol' French press. There are times where technology just cannot compete with the ol' tried and true.

Highest hits on ACN this week included a wonderful spotlight on Susan Bragstadt/Amador Olive Oil in the SF Chronical, KCRA stories about the tiger that killed its mate at the Sacramento Zoo and Chipotle's offer for free burritos...and an amazing dry wall sculpture by Bernie Mitchell caught a lot of attention as well.
A-PAL Humane Society had a ton of hits on their plea for a dog park, as a part of ACRA's Parks & Rec Master Plan. There will be a series of public meetings throughout Amador County, you can check out the schedule at:
The Amador County Historical Society has been posting some great "old tyme" photos. The one shown on the left is circa 1885. Judging by the "Ladies without bloomers..." message, perhaps it's near some sort of beach, so maybe near a river? Somewhere along the Moke? They're asking if anyone knows where this cave is, so if you want to venture some guesses, you can join their Facebook group at

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Roger Steuble. I had the pleasure of knowing him when I worked at Sutter Amador as an Interim Medical Staff Coordinator. There will be a Memorial Service tomorrow at 1PM at Community Church of Pine Grove. Our condolences to Barbara and her family.

Friends, Old & New
I was up in "The County" this Wednesday. Beautiful drive, beautiful weather. As many of you know, I'm the Music Director/Organist at Trinity, and we had Ash Wednesday services at 12 Noon and then that evening at 7PM. So I had some time "in between".

I was able to make some stops in Plymouth and Ione. I discovered an awesome store across from Taste, called "Accents by Twisted Cork Collections" which carries Anne Frost's gorgeous gift box cards. Ya gotta check it out...all things wine as well as many gorgeous displays by local artisans.

After taking a brief rest at my friend, Thomas' house in Sutter Creek (Thomas is training for the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride), I attended the Chamber that evening at Luka's in downtown Jackson. It was so good to see familiar faces, catch up and laugh with y'all...and meet new people, too! Welcome to Amador County!

You can't make this stuff up...
This week's "bizzarity" comes from a story that went viral about a six year old McDonald's Happy Meal. Google it, there are multiple stories.
Now, when I read this story, I had to check Snopes...
"Mostly false". Mostly?

ACN ❤'s Amador County!
As you plan your Valentine's weekend, follow the ❤'s on Amador Community NewsShop local...dine local! There's the Love A-Fair Ball at the Amador County Fairgrounds, and there are some dinner events going on at the St. George Hotel, The Volcano Union & Inn, Rosebud's Cafe...Deaver's "Passion for Ports"..."Souled Out" is playing at Gold Country Lanes...get some dinner, then catch The Claire Lynch Band at the Sutter Creek Theater...
Looks like Amador City is the place to be this Saturday from Noon to 4PM. CocoaVino...chocolate and wine everywhere!
Oh, and don't forget that the Amador Kiwanis have the See's Candy Truck outside of SaveMart in Martell!

Shop local...dine local!

And last, but not least...don't forget to get your raffle tickets for the annual "Take a Chance on Love" Valentine's Day Raffle! Tickets are $10. All information can be found at

Friday, February 5, 2016

Caffè Venerdì - Friday, February 5, 2016

This Friday's fuel is brought to you by Peet's French Roast. Whoa, baby...I have D-cell eyeballs today!
Stories that generated the most response this week on ACN’s Facebook:
Blue Mountain Players' "Cooking With Gus" opening Friday the 12th, a classical music concert hosted by Ron Brickman featuring pianist Anne Rainwater, a spider crawling around in a bag of salad (yeah, didn't need to see that), a video by KCRA showing Folsom's dramatic water level rise, the Sac Bee's article on how to get a CA state job, Gwen Clayton's campaign kick-off fundraiser at Blue Moon Cafe in Pine Grove, the closing of Sacramento Hometown Buffet restaurants. The Calaveras Enterprise's story "Bingo: More Than Just A Game in the Mother Lode" helped boost my post reach for ACRA's Bingo night on Tuesday.

And speaking of games...the Jackson Rotary post for their "Trivia Challenge" got a hefty 860 hits. I never was great at "Trivial Pursuit", but I was always very entertained by my brainiac friends who always took the game way too seriously. That, and Pictionary, which I called the "break up game"...because who knew a couple could argue over a stick figures ("You call that a fish?!"..."Why didn't I marry an artist?"..."We're going home...").
Anyway, find out more about the Trivia Challenge, get your team together, and sign up at

A judge in Pennsylvania feels that pajama pants are not appropriate attire for court...when I posted this on our timeline, one of our readers made a very good point: "Why implement a dress code? It's kind of a moniker really of who is taking their situation seriously, and those that don't care...should make the ruling pretty dang easy..."  Now, I don't believe that Amador County's courthouse would ever have the "fashion police" on standby, but I do know that they have a list in the hallway of appropriate attire to wear in court. It's also posted on the county court web site. Thing I wanna know is, what has been the craziest attire a judge, bailiff or court reporter may have seen in court? These questions and more...

Marijuana legalization...a story about a baby that nearly lost her toe to HT (hair tourniquet) me, the most heart-breaking story? Cookie, the dog that was exchanged at the shelter for a "newer model" (puppy). The story does have a happy ending, though...Cookie did find a home in permanent foster care.
You can't make this stuff up...
I swear, it was this big!

Yeah, I played it over and over. C'mon, you did, too, didn't you?

And if you ordered mozzarella sticks at McDonald's, here's hoping there was actually mozzarella inside of 'em...oh, and here's hoping that it was real mozzarella, too.

I say, forget the mozzarella sticks...head on over to Swingles for their February TRI-TIP SALE! $4.99/lb. Check out their web site at, and show 'em the love on Facebook:
Voters Untie...I mean, unite!
February is a pretty active month for the Primaries, and the debates are on like Donkey Kong. ABC just announced the line up for the GOP's New Hampshire debate tomorrow night.

There are some great (civil) conversations going on in the Amador Political Discussion Group, and Amador Politics, with subject matters ranging from the economy to the Rancheria dropping their Annexation request, to comments about what Chamber membership means and provides for local economy and businesses, and more.

I've learned that Facebook is a double-edged sword, especially during Election years. I've seen (and have done) my share of rantings, ravings and arguing on a wide range of subjects, to the point where one could pretty much come unraveled and unglued by the amount of misinformation and mass yellow journalism going on. It's frustrating! SOoo...I have to step back once in a while, breathe, and regain consciousness. Let's face it; the candidate choices this Election year are as bad as having to choose between a brand name or generic laxative, but hey, I'll always listen to suggestions and recommendations. Doesn't mean I'll choose 'em, but I'll listen!

The Amador County Voters Facebook group has a few posts/discussions going on...mainly, the legalization of Marijuana, Weed vs. Alcohol, etc. No one has been brave enough to give their thoughts/opinions to the question: "What do you think about Amador County's 'Elections' page?" Oh well...

In the coming weeks, I will be interviewing and asking Amador County voters what they'll be looking for in candidates, and their opinions on the local, state and national issues. So if you have a questions for any of the local candidates or questions for the local Amador GOP or Dems Committee chairs, let me know, and I'll include it in my list.
I don't have an agenda...really, I don't.
This afternoon at 3:20PM, I was included in a mass email from the Amador Water Agency. Rather than try to explain it, I’ll just post it:

Good Day AWA Agenda Recipients,
It has been brought to my attention by a few of the recipients receiving the Amador Water Agency's agenda that you are having difficulty with either opening the attachment or the attachment is missing from the email entirely. I have reached out to our IT support regarding  this matter, and was informed  that these particular issues are not due to our email network, and that if a recipient is having difficulty with email and its contents, it would be best for the recipient to address their email concerns directly with their individual email/internet provider. I apologize for the inconvenience.
The AWA agenda and agenda packet can also be found on our website at<> under Quick Links on the home page.

As of 6:59 PM, using the "Quick Links" as instructed in the email...the agenda still has not been posted to the AWA web site.

A suggestion to AWA: Post the agendas to the web site first, then send it out the agenda via e-mail. Boom! You're covered either way.

NOTE: It is Saturday morning, 7:21 AM. I checked the AWA web site. YAY! Someone got the message! ;)
Well, that's another Friday for ya. Will be up tomorrow for a day trip around "The County", and of course, always on Sunday mornings at Trinity Sutter Creek. Oh, btw...they'll be having another drive for their care packages for the needy/homeless, so if you want to donate, let me know!

Have a fantabulous weekend, mark your calendars ACN, 'cuz...

If it's happening in "The County"
it's probably here:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Caffè Venerdì - Friday, January 29, 2016

Coffee's good, Fridays are great...and people are busy! Lots of things to do this weekend in Amador County. Whoever says, "I'm bored, there's nothing to do," needs to check out Amador Community News. I guarantee you'll find at least one thing "to do" that will capture your fancy.
"I saw it on ACN..."
There were quite a few stories this week on ACN's Facebook that had a reach of 500+...into the several thousands, in fact. Among the highest included the sinkhole in JacksonCalFireFee's update on the Fire Fee lawsuit, the Oregon protest, several stories about the weather and how the heavy rains are bringing drought relief, a story on a senior hip hop group, a story about a family whose crying baby alarmed them before suffering carbon monoxide poisoning, and a story about a trending "duct tape challenge" game that went viral, landing a teen in the hospital. How horribly stupid...parents, be on high alert about this and other life-threatening games. Reminds me of another story in the Sac Bee that got high hits this week: "Why kids today are out of shape, disrespectful, and in charge..." Hmmmm.

The Amador Historical Society got significant hits with their photo of Volcano circa 1900 (see left), but the very highest reach was the Sac Bee's story on Vinciguerra Ravioli in Jackson. It was such a great story that my daughter got a craving, and called to ask me to ship some ravs to her! When they put up their "Pumpkin Ravioli" sign, for me, it's one of the first "official" indicators of the Fall season in Amador County. Of course, they're great, anytime of the year!

Announcements of local events with the highest hits include the Amador Republican's annual Lincoln Day Dinner/Dance, Bunsen 2 Beaker 5K Walk/Run, the Holistic Health Fair going on tomorrow at the Senior Center, and The Clothes Mine's sale of selected bridal and formalwear, which ends, well...this weekend, so hurry and get those dresses for prom!

Obviously, Amador County is liking what is being posted and shared on ACN's Facebook, so feel free to continue to "share away" the things that peak your interest, and tell others to "like" us, too. We're at: Easy to remember...just say you saw it on ACN!
You learn something new every day...
There was a post by the City of Ione Fire Department's Facebook about what it means when you hear the siren. For those who don't "do" Facebook, here's the post:

"The use of the Siren has been a part of Ione's history since the early 1900's replacing the Fire Bell on Main Street to summons the fire fighters to a call.
Even with modern communications we still have the need to operate with the general alarm siren to assure that the fire fighters are alerted to a fire in the city.
Every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm the siren is tested for two full cycles, as part of our alarm maintenance.
If you hear the siren activated any other time or day, it means that there is a STRUCTURE FIRE in the city limits of Ione.
Our priority is to provide the highest levels of protection and safety to our citizens and city.
So the next time you hear the siren activated on fire station 1 it's our way of making sure that you have the highest levels of services possible."

So now y'all know! Thanks to ALL of Amador County's firefighters, and please continue to post stuff like this.
Streaming audio! Coming "not so soon"...
The Amador County web site,, has a page where you are [supposed to be] able to hear Board of Supervisors meetings.
Coffee in hand at about 7:55 this last Tuesday morning, I tried to "tune in". Alas, to no avail...not one of the links worked, on any of my devices.
I put a post up in the Amador Political Discussion Facebook group to see if anyone else was having difficulties, and the responses were the same. It's always been a problem.
Drat. I was particularly interested that day, especially with the State of Jefferson declaration on the agenda.
Being that our Board of Supervisors meet every other Tuesday morning - a time when many of the public cannot attend - you would think that the one online method they offer would be in working order well before the meeting. I mean, bands have to do a sound check before their gigs...maybe we could get Mr. Pinstripe help 'em with a "Testing 1-2-3, can you hear me now?"
Or perhaps a computer savvy high school student could volunteer some time every Tuesday morning before school. But that might make the County's IT department look bad.
Wait...does the County have an IT department?
This just in, last month...
My online travels take me to many Amador County web sites and social networks, I run across several defunct web sites in the course of a day/week/ of which is the Golden Chain Highway 49 web site. Does anyone know who is in charge of this site, and...why does it exist?
I've found that there are even many Facebook pages that haven't been updated in a while. The Amador Republican's Facebook page still has its last post dated December 25, 2015. Merry Christmas! I try to "nudge" my advertisers to keep their pages updated so I can share their posts and events in a timely manner, but if I had to do it for everyone, I'd never sleep (it's pretty close to that, anyway, but that's beside the point).
On Monday, I was sent the AWA's Drought Committee agenda via e-mail  I checked the AWA web site to see if the agenda had been posted. Nope. So I emailed them back and asked when it would be posted. I was told (in so many words), to quit emailing them every time they send an agenda out, and to contact the webmaster. So I did. No reply from the webmaster.
The next morning (Tuesday), it was still not posted, so I contacted the AWA again and said"Thanks for letting me's still not posted, and the meeting is today." It did eventually get posted later that morning.
Now, I'm sure everyone is busy, and I really don't mean to be a pest...but contacting the webmaster is not my job, it's the AWA's responsibility to have their sites updated and info/agendas posted in a timely manner. If they aren't, then how is the public to know?
If your agency, organization or business has an online presence or Facebook page, please...take a look at it at least once a week. Pick a day during the week and call it your "Media Update Day". Preferably make that day Monday. And yes, assign someone to be in charge of those updates, and once they are posted have them notify me at
Perfect timing! A new week and a new month begins on Monday, so try it out!
Well, that about wraps it up for this week. So much going on this weekend...the Holistic Health Fair, a Hands-Only CPR class (free!), Computer Data Backup class, don't forget about the Spaghetti Feed tonight. Wendy Ward has a painting class this Saturday. Master Gardeners have a class on nourishing and rebuilding soil. Sutter Creek Theater is presenting "A Caravan of Thieves" tomorrow night, Mother Lode Friends of Music has a concert on Sunday. Volcano Theater is having their awards night. There's a Kickball Tourney on Sunday.
And congratulations to Rachel Andrews on the opening day of her new Xpectations salon in Ione on Saturday!

If it's happening in "The County",
it's probably here:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Caffè Venerdì - Friday, January 22, 2016

TGIF, Amador County! Here is my week-end, editorial wrap-up of all things Amador County. Well, most all things...tell me if you missed it.
Putting the “Unity” in “Community”
Enjoyed Reverend Karen Siegfriedt’s sermon last Sunday on spiritual gifts. Everyone has at least one thing they do and do well, and what better way to utilize your talents and gifts than to contribute to your neighborhood, community or cause? Some might have a “meh” attitude, thinking "Why bother, nothing will change…I'm just one person, how can I make a difference?...”  A better way of looking at it would be: Don’t just sit around talking about doing something, or nay-say with a defeatist attitude. Find that one thing...ONE thing you do, and do well, then do it. Share it!
After all, it’s the meaning of life!

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group met last Tuesday. I didn’t even know this group existed. I’m sure there are a lot of community groups we are not aware of, and I’m grateful that more and more folks are contacting me to post about their meetings and events.

Sierra Child & Family Services is seeking foster families. They claim that there is an “immediate need”, so if you have the heart for it, they will guide you through the processes. Call 209-257-1244 for more info.
Who’s on Facebook? Raise Your Brand
The shared stories on ACN’s Facebook that had the most reach (500+) this week were:
Tri-County Wildlife’s rescues of the Common Poorwill and Great Egret...the Folsom Dam leak...Sierra Lodestar’s article on the town of Volcano. There were also several regional and national stories, such as Jaime Foxx’s heroic rescue of a man in a burning car...restauranteur Guy Fieri’s visit to Modesto and Stockton...Celine Dion’s grief of losing husband and brother...the death of Glenn Frey of the Eagles...several posts from FEMA and The Weather Channel about El Nino...the story of a Chinese restaurant’s [not-so-covert] roadkill pickup...ew...

Excited to have many more Supporting Advertisers on board with ACN, and with shareable Facebook pages. There are some great groups out there, too, such as the Neighborhood Watch Group (big thanks to Gabrielle Melani!), Uncensored Amador Calaveras Fire & Police, and more. There’s a whole list of groups and pages on our Main Page on ACN in the right hand side bar, check ‘em out!

I was curious, so....being that it is an election year, I wanted to check out the online presence of Amador’s political parties. Here's what I found:

Amador Republicans -
- Facebook page has 224 likes, with their last post on December 25, 2015.
- Facebook Group has a membership of 55, is a bit more active (my status is still “pending”).
-They had a meeting on January 21st, but I never got a notification about it.
-Upcoming Events page hasn't been updated since July 2014.
-Endorsement page also obviously not updated.

Amador Democrats -
- Web site hasn't been updated since November 2015
- Facebook Group has 100 members. There is no Facebook page.
- No communications from them so far, as far as meetings, events, etc.

Lame web site.
Facebook page has 30 members. Last update was September 23, 2015

I started up an Amador County Voters Facebook group. Join and feel free to post your thoughts, opinions and issues about Election 2016 - local, state and national!
LAFCO: Not a place to buy laughs
Not to be confused with last night's Volcano Union Inn’s Comedy Night, there was also an Amador LAFCO meeting.
What is LAFCO, you might ask? Or may not ask, but here it is, anyway...
LAFCO stands for “Local Agency Formation Commission”. In a nutshell and by definition from the CALAFCO’s Citizen’s guide:

“The Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act directs LAFCOs to achieve two main purposes: 1. Discourage sprawl. 2. Encourage orderly government. Boundaries are important because they assign physical space and define the identities of local governments. LAFCOs have both planning and regulatory powers. LAFCOs plan by adopting and revising “spheres of influence,” which are planning documents that show a city or special district’s future boundary and service areas. They regulate by reviewing and acting on proposals to change boundaries. LAFCOs control nine types of boundary changes: annexations, detachments, disincorporations, dissolutions, formations, incorporations, mergers, consolidations, subsidiary districts, and reorganizations…”
Controlling boundaries means LAFCOs control the timing and location of development. For instance, LAFCOs regulate boundaries for the following services:
-Water, sewer, fire protection, flood control (growth inducing facilities and services).
- Parks, libraries, airports (growth supporting facilities and services).
- Hospitals, cemeteries, pest abatement (non-growth related facilities and services).
The power of LAFCOs to determine these lines comes from the United States Constitution. The Tenth Amendment says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution… are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” In other words, the federal constitution allows each state to determine how to organize its local governments.”
From the CALAFCO Citizen’s Guide:

So basically, LAFCO has regulatory power and “sphere of influence” influence when it comes growth and boundaries in Amador County.
For more information on Amador LAFCO, visit:

See? Ya learn somethin' new every day!
Art Trekkies, Love Art and Prosper!
1st Saturday Art Trek is coming up on February 6, and there are some new places to visit. Check 'em out!

Bummer news! Amador Arts Council’s "Taste of the Arts" has sold out! Told ya they'd go fast. Good news for those who signed up early, though...

Tonight, Feist Wines hosts Marty O'Riely and The Old Soul Orchestra at 7pm. Great wine, great music...and look forward this year to Feist's move into the former "Susan's Place" in Sutter Creek!

Tomorrow “Holmes Hounds” is holding auditions for the Baker Street Players. Call for an audition time 209-470-9573.

Did you know that the Amador County Artists Association has monthly meetings on 2nd Wednesdays. By the y’all know about the program, “Art in Public Places”? Consider displaying local art at your place of business, office or dining establishment. What a great way to support your local artists! Contact the ACAA for more information.
All of our Business...
The JBCA has merged (or is in the process of merging) with the Chamber of Commerce. I’m a part of an Amador Political Discussion Group on Facebook, and I recently asked what the Chamber of Commerce specifically does for Amador County, besides holding monthly mixers, a workshop/class here and there, a Business Person of the Year gala, etc.

I also posted on ACN this week that Paperback Oasis will be closing their store what does/would the Chamber...or for that matter, all of Amador’s business organizations (Ione Business & Community Association, Sutter Creek Business & Professional Association, BNI, etc.) actually do to help struggling businesses? I realize that it takes active participation and volunteerism for any type of membership to be effective, but what if some businesses or start-ups cannot afford a membership? What if business owners don't have time, or don't really like cliquish, social gatherings?

I think that social networking has helped...Facebook has given rise to several local business groups, such as the Amador-Calaveras Small Business, Amador County Home-based businesses, and Made in Amador County, Amador Wedding Professionals...all are free to join and network away. It's like having a daily online mixer. Now, don't get me wrong; I don't discount the value of "Facelook" time with others in the Amador business community, but if I'm going to spend upwards of $50-500+ for a membership, it needs to offer more than just a drink ticket and a monthly raffle.

Oh, and speaking of weddings, "Here comes the..."

Jackson Rancheria’s Wedding Faire, slated for Sunday, May 1st! Amador County Vendors (only) can get their booths for just $75 if they return the Exhibit Contract by January 29th! Vendor Set-Up: Sunday, May 1st , 2016 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Includes a 8x8 trade show booth, curtained back wall, skirted table and chairs. We anticipate approximately 300 people.
They're also offering, as a "thank you", an offer of a $25 Lone Wolf Dining Credit if you return the contract January 29th, 2016!
Here's the contract:

Well, that's about it for now. Have a great weekend, Amador County! Be sure to plan your weekend with ACN, 'cuz...

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